About Us

At REO Carts Inc. our focus is to:

·   Focus on Electric UTV promotion

·   Manufacture the best quality gas powered UTV with an even better price

·   Offer a skilled and experienced team of sales and engineering.

·   Provide our dealers with the SUPPORT they need to be successful.

·   Ensure to meet each dealers’ critical demands for the consistency of quality products.

·   Have spare parts readily available and in stock for all of our products.

·   Be a leading importer, manufacturer, and distributor of Chinese UTV


REO CARTS INC values the importance of building lasting relationships with our distributors and dealers.REO Carts are manufactured to a higher standard of craftsmanship, materials and is ahead of the curve of past import products. REO Carts will work hard as the high-end carts, but are priced to fill that mid-market nitch.  We only work with suppliers that are committed to producing consistent, top quality products and have extreme close relations with each of them. We are heavily involved with the quality control and production of our products and take all input and suggestions from our customers very seriously when developing our next year’s models. As our dealer and or distributor you can provide your customers with an outstanding product at a competitive price.